In psychotherapy, I came from client experience. All of what I'm working on, I have, in varying degrees, has lived by herself.


In my life there have been several heavy events, of which had to continue muddling with the help of psychotherapy. So I appreciate every step of the the client to "this" thaw, the development of the ability to rejoice and make great little things, take care of yourself and accept yourself.


I was always important to be myself with all my features, desires and feelings and be able to creatively express themselves. To do this I had to go a long way.


Now I write a book just because it can't write: my profession nourishes my life experience, which I personally hard to just bury my individual izvilinah, but because I am its processing and dispel on the text, as fern spores)


I also write paintings, doing sketches. I was very long and ternisto-to simply draw what I want and how I want.


I am very interested to work and grow in the profession, although sometimes I want to throw it all to hell, and I have no scares-and this is also the result of concerted effort)


I am very satisfied with the way of life that is built together with her husband. Love's husband)


Because of the nature and personal experiences, as well as beliefs and professional vision

I can

to help clarify the situation



is to teach you to do it for themselves

Because of the nature and perception of the world, I can see people those opportunities and hidden resources that they might not guess.

Sometimes it is enough to help a person see what his strength that he wanted to become the author his life and live it the way I want it, not the mother, wife, children.


Education (I do a lot of studying and appreciate this experience and knowledge)

Graduated from Irkutsk State University, Department of psychology.

Advanced training in:

psychological counseling (GOU VPO "VSGAO" Oksana Kondratenko)

-integrative Psychology (International Institute for Integrative psychology, Vladimir Kozlov)

-body-oriented psychotherapy (now the Institute of counselling ", Elena Sagadeeva, Galina Lâsockaâ)

art-therapy (Imaton, Alexander Kopytin)

-family psychotherapy (Imaton, Ekaterina Ugoleva, Olga and Svyatoslav Sheh)

-training of trainers (Imaton, Irina Shevtsova)

-bodinamiki (Danish Institute of Bodinamiki, Henrik Jensen, Victoria Berezkina,-Orlova, Eric Ârlnes, Lisbeth Marčer)