In life everything about sex, except the sex … And the sex Pro what? Often about power or submissive, force or powerlessness, about the existence, satisfaction with different, not always sexual needs.

"Have sex and feel that I am, I exist", "partner giving me affection and care that I need", "I like to feel her power over men," "sex for me is not important, the main thing is love", "what's the point of me with a woman, if I will not be able to lay in bed?".

For each of these unmet need for children, saying that an adult is trying to implement through sex: someone mom didn't want someone who was deprived of the warmth, hugs, someone had broken in the manifestation of its will. Now all we're trying to get out of sex, will compensate.

Our sexuality served and serves us in achieving non-sexual purposes, and from this develops her own figure, reflected in the body, manner and communicate, move in sensitivity and stiffness of various muscles, and how we build relationships with people of the opposite sex and how we bring up children. These manifestations are often barely ulovimy, they are rarely available awareness, but they affect our lives tremendously.

And how on sexuality reflects trauma-a private conversation.

17 May will hold an open lecture about how childhood affects our sexuality, as it manifests in character and body. Come!)



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