Guys who probivajushhimsja in life on their own, it often seems that all depends on them and their desires, perseverance, and ambition. They tend to underestimate objective factors. Which helps them to do "impossible" in their youth, but further leads to eternal struggles and to rationalizations. They're looking for a reason in themselves, and they want to be more Neprobivaemee where it's in the external circumstances. The challenges become unlifted, they fight even more fiercely and burn. They are happy to think of themselves that they have an internal locus of control, and they are the blacksmiths of their happiness. In fact, the ability to distinguish between an external and an internal, untapped skill that complicatings their contact with peace, people, and situations. God's complex is too expensive, but it's curable. Psychotherapy is quicker than life.

Written by Анна

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