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So, I believe that if you're not hippies and not the Dalai Lama, then love should be nebezuslovnoj to be happy. 
It is you the child of his or her will love because he just is, if enough maturity, man/woman you love for something. Do you like his view of the world, his great heart, touches you as it cleans teeth, or as outside the box thinking, you admire what this man! Notice I am not saying that one must love the functionality, type: cares about me a lot makes me a good lover, tasty cooking. No, if love is only for the way people apply to you, you can not see.

But often I see also as unconditional love deprives women of the ability to see in the fiancé man independent individual. As men, who can no longer see separate from themselves, adult woman in his beloved, often say they love her for what she is.

Still often under the guise of unconditional love I see State when covert conflict in the pair is so great that the partners already do not know what love each other connects them something else: joint heaviest experience mystery, a bunch of resources invested in the relationship, but sympathy, admiration, and no desire to see this man next to me.

Therefore, unconsciously, we begin to live with a spouse, the collective image of not trying to discern its individual features. Kind of the same, under native sideways, the functions of the wife/husband performs, means love. And for what? UM …. as for anything beyond what it is.

This moment in any relationship in the third year of the lives of couples, but for him it should be typically hard crisis. And this crisis is a chance to leave or see again the person with whom you live, start to enjoy its nature, personality, admire the qualities or characteristics that are proud of his deeds, cherish, respect, seduce, fascinate.

I did a webinar last year, about the first crises. This year want to?)

And Yes, good to look in one direction! )


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