Need for support.

Many it ceased to be met in very early childhood, when the trees were tall, and the other was the granidioznym and omnipotent.

What they feel in situations when in need of support? Correctly, small, weak and dependent.

Therefore, the consultations to understand this need come through anger (need you hurt me, saving Silverman), fear (and suddenly you've got zagipnotiziruesh and vnushish something?), shame (you can see my nesamodostatochnost) and sadness (hurt). Sadness because for so long it was not denied, not know how to ask-the final stage of awareness of that need.

Further the only way honing new skills-determine each time faster, listen attentively Wednesday, choose someone who can give support well, ask, get vyjozhivajas not on reflection, retaliatory steps or demonstration of "all", absorbing every fiber of attention and care to thank.

See, now this way difficult, because in the popular psiholgii postulated that the people must be as self-sufficient, and everything else-codependency. Often this is consistent with the parent message: "I don't have to force you to be a little задолбал, Nu-Ka quickly became an independent"

Need support-it is normal for an adult human. If, after a request for specific support you don't move to a friend and did not require that he understood without words and justify your expectations all my life-it is not codependency. This interdependence-healthy type of relationship in a perfect world, where there is a lot of magnificent, but scattered it on different people.

Teamwork, we can exchange and share these beautiful, wonderful world and build mutual support. Not necessarily to berate yourself for what God is not all resources of peace put solely in you, and sometimes you need a recharge from the outside, just like everyone else.

Oh, we all experience good support equal adults!

Written by Анна

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