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All my troubles are my fault?

Guys who probivajushhimsja in life on their own, it often seems that all depends on them and their desires, perseverance, and ambition. They tend to underestimate objective factors. Which helps them to do "impossible" in their youth, but further leads to eternal struggles and to rationalizations. They're looking for a reason in themselves, and they… Read more »

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Quality articles and "psychological content"-what's the difference?

Save time and honouring information hygiene. I have a slew of quality articles divided into several species. Popular science articles with descriptions of research, clarifying concepts and showing sources. Example: an anonymous survey participants American beauty contests showed almost a quarter of them are detected by an eating disorder. [Beauty is as beauty does: body… Read more »

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Need for support.

#навеяно_практикой Need for support. Many it ceased to be met in very early childhood, when the trees were tall, and the other was the granidioznym and omnipotent. What they feel in situations when in need of support? Correctly, small, weak and dependent. Therefore, the consultations to understand this need come through anger (need you hurt… Read more »

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The main condition for healing and growth

Grow from childhood injuries hurt. It hurts to accept refusal to meet with the fear of rejection, scared to ask embarrassing swear and fight, accept-as a sign of helplessness, letting go of hope as die meet condemnation-become a rag in the corner. Nobody makes just so. All this is possible only for the sake of… Read more »

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Price: grow out of guilt and resentment.

That rarely comes to people under 30. Everything has a price. Want to answer close "on otvali"-answer but know how much it will cost you. And if you have then wine or offense-the price was inadequate. Rasplačivaeš′sâ these feelings for inability to pay and receive the correct price. Psychological children accustomed to getting everything for… Read more »

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Women's self esteem and masculine look. And here mum?

You crave compliments from men, looking for their recognition, obizhaeshsja on husband or boyfriend when he doesn't notice your effort in the design of appearance, stay still in the favorable perspective on photo in social networks in anticipation of enthusiastic comments, endlessly think, as even myself better, dress, slipped up, dye, curl, mustache. This desire… Read more »

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Give him a chance to fall in love with you

Once you give him a chance to fall in love with you. Not melteshi, not run, not forsiruj event. It is slightly confused: any new feeling in the stomach. He needs to spend some time with him, he has to accept it, he needs to make sure that it is HE HIMSELF. That is not… Read more »

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Live as I want

Why are you still not doing what I want and live not in the way I want to?   As well, quickly threw the Office went to travel, earning online, describing everything in via instagram! Nu-Ka nakachala urgently priest, took up yoga, weigh 40 kg, otrastila spit to the waist, gave birth to 5 children… Read more »

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Find or what is wrong with your surroundings?

Imagine you are standing in front of the mirror, and see your reflection everywhere very clearly, but here's one piece of mirror zamutnen. And no matter how you kept circling in front of the mirror, this part of my reflection does not see. What feelings would arise? Irritation? "Foolish mirror cannot show me holistically!" anxiety?… Read more »

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Needless to say with a friend about his grudge

Needless to say a friend that his behavior hurt you? What if you're wrong, and take offense at this wrong? You have a right to your feelings, including discomfort from prying action. Recognize that it is Your discomfort may be associated with the actions of another, but no result. For example, a teacher at the… Read more »

  • That in itself doesn't want to notice

    "We endlessly criticize Stalin, and, of course, for the cause. And I still want to ask — who wrote a four million person? "s. Dovlatov each of us has those qualities, feelings, actions, which we so don't want to recognize that and often do not notice in myself, but clearly see them in others and… Read more »

  • Money and calling

    "In my picture of the world, there are two ways to find the money in the world: by demonstrating his life and through the sale of his life. The first way is difficult, the second common throughout. In the first case, the soul wakes second falls asleep. In the first case, the person is recovering,… Read more »

  • My yoga every morning

    It's been a year I begin each morning with morning sun greeting complex "Surya Namaskara". Today I want to share with you 4 major changes with me, thanks to yoga) 1. I became more organized. With my free schedule is very convenient to wake up hours of 10 am and mooch around the House, when… Read more »

  • Plastic trash

    What is the footprint I leave on Earth? The simplest solution of existential issues I have looks like this: 1) will buy myself a nice easy flask 2) leave application for installation in my yard containers for plastic on KrasivyjPeterburg.) 3) share informative presentation about drinking water in plastic bottles to =

  • Fulfillment of desires

    Method of treatment of their desires is laid under the age of 8 months, and then we follow the selected modes of life, not realizing, betraying or incarnating your desires. Come for the understanding and change their ways!

  • Meeting with awesome man

    Today on my lecture came an amazing woman. Her 81 year, she survived the siege, losing loved ones and once in the orphanage, asked about creativity Tsvetaeva, backpacking, still walks in the mountains, raised three children and it is now interested in questions of creative self-expression, so she came to the lecture-"work with your inner critic"…. Read more »

  • Needs and dignity

    In the body of a lot of dignity. The body does not hesitate, it meet their needs or not, it just shuts down, if you don't put down to sleep. We refused from their desires, by habit, simply because "it is a wrong holopu in Manor walk", not even udosuživaâs′ check the rationality of such… Read more »

  • The realization of desires

    When a child is denied the right to desire, he himself is right too does not assign even when matures. And if the child still and logical and annoying explained why he had no such right, the adult life stage of the emergence of desire generally will pass him by awareness. 

  • The book is about codependency

    If you believe that life or partner to you unfair, if some disappointments if very sorry for myself or you really want to help close-read this book. Or continue to suffer.

  • For that we love of spouses

    Popišu a bit of love, not of "the view," and psychologist from the category of "my personal musings on life", you're blogging, I want too) So, I believe that if you're not hippies and not the Dalai Lama, then love should be nebezuslovnoj to be happy. It is you the child of his or her will… Read more »