Illusion 1: You are unconsciously not here and now, and there and then, when Donashivali after the brother, listened to the scandals of parents because of money, ate potatoes and macaroni, and the excursion with the class did not go-expensive.

Reality 1: If you didn't have a bike in your childhood, and now you have a Bentley, you didn't have a bike anyway. In reality, you continue to deprive yourself of something important, leaving money clean. That is, play children's scenes with a deficit, which again want to pay off purchases. Decide with your adults, the current true needs and invest first of all in them.

Illusion 2: You use consumption not for the purpose: clogs purchases and services strong feelings, emotions or fatigue, trying to fill the deficit of impressions from another sphere (I want to be new in sex, career, communication, and buy new Shoes)

Reality 2: You will have to learn to recognize your feelings and creatively meet the needs, not to seize and not to stop the gaps in the soul shopping. You and your nervous system live for another 50 years, so it makes sense to invest now in this useful skill.

Illusion 3: You are not here and now, but in that part of the history of your kind, in which to have free money is dangerous-stand next to grandmother in the days of Prodrozkladky and look after orbited the last cow, sit next to Grandpa in 1991 and see how much money Remains of his perennial savings.

Reality 3: Family ideas transferred from ruined ancestors would be good to think about. Which of them corresponds to the present reality and it makes sense to keep and which beliefs are outdated. Hearken, what feelings to free money you passed along with these beliefs. Work them out.

Illusion 4: You are not here and now, but in preschool childhood, where the benefits pour on you, and will end just can not, and you are still solving there some task of that age

Reality 4: Go to therapy for a couple or three years. Financial problems are seeds in comparison with other problems in life which are inevitable if a person is constantly in this psychological age.

Illusion 5: You are not here and now, but in adolescence, and you can finally rebel against control and accounting, and therefore you sick from the idea meticulously to record income and expenses.

Reality 5: You rebel against your own welfare. Use some Prilozhuhoj to account for income and expense with game elements or buntujte in another sphere.

What helps you optimize your budget? Do you postpone the money or all the flush? Have to borrow? Enough for everything? Enough only for the important? And maybe the important is not enough, and all the are?

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