Webinar-this way to learn a new or old to understand, without leaving home. You can hear and see the host in real-time, as well as to write to him, which he will instantly receive. To participate need speakers or headphones and fast Internet, capable of transferring video.


Webinar "joint life first crises-crises of one and three years in a relationship couples (more: http://vk.com/event63518869)


 the webinar, "why don't we get married"-for couples, in which the question of official registration of marriage-open and painful (more: http://vk.com/event64054586)

 the webinar, "why do we get sick? Mind body-oriented psychology "-details on the impact of emotion on the body and human health (more: http://vk.com/event66328975)

 Webinar "open heart"-that has prevented us from our childhood and partner disclosed in a relationship and how this change (http://vk.com/event87908146)
Webinar "rely on a partner", than replace the controlling behavior, how to stop being a man mom and learn to rely and trust. (http://vk.com/event90196286)

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