The University psychologists talk about attention, how about a boring thing, thanks to which the pervoklaška can look at the Board, and with which children are problems and even her deficit syndrome. And that's all. Other people generally nowhere to tell about the attention, and it is such a useful thing! Now I will tell why.


1. Attention allows us to be a


Our consciousness consists of scattered heap of fragments which in turn become important to us, and therefore perceived, we can think about them. And they go from the periphery to the center of the našegogo of attention due to the fact that we are sending arbitrarily on the needed objects.

So, when you tear into pieces open browser, social networking, phone and offline people, you can't control what you think, what kind of fragments of reality now understood you. It seems to be called "concentration problems", but in fact it is something that makes you unable to be themselves.


Be yourself, in my opinion-this exercise yourself, understand and implement emerging inside the feelings, desires, and impulses. But you need to hear them and be focused on them. The abundance of external objects, distracting your attention makes it impossible.


  • The simplest example: we understand that want to eat when your stomach and negate the attack of gastritis, because attention was directed at what we wrote in social networks, rather than on the needs of the organism.

  • More difficult example: you want to implement a draft, but deep down afraid something (failure, success, problems, something exiSmileystential), this fear makes you prokrastinirovat′ and you so do not have a habit to focus on something, you think Internet and there go from page to page, then you divert calls, requests, so pass the days and weeks. And you can't understand what makes you get distracted, and then are distracted even from the thought that you are distracted, project thrown and forgettable. You did not focused on himself at the start of the project and have not paid attention to your fear, do not understand it. As a result, prozanimalis′ not what it wanted and not experienced due to the fact that for you is really important.

But when you do not what you want, and worry not because to you is actually important, and live, probably not you.

About the effectiveness of such action, I don't say anything now and I will write a separate article on this subject, because Here rises the whole huge topic total presence, ability to be "here and now", which is the basis of many spiritual, psychological and even esoteric approaches.

2. Attention and vitality

It seems to me that attention is directly related to the vital tone, energy, force-call it whatever you want.

If the conflict focuses on your opponent, you are weakening and losing the ability to constructively pursue their interests. Conflictologists advise not to focus in a situation of confrontation on that thought, felt, from what motives acted opponent, they are advised to focus on yourself and only speak for themselves. It is generally accepted that "I-messages" in communication more effective "you messages." And talk about themselves and for themselves, rather than imagine, do not interpret the partner is only possible if you concentrate your attention on him and not on ourselves. Then you are successful. It works and with envy.


The same happens with the prolonged severe offense: If a long and heart-wrenching to think about obidčike, about which he is bad, that it led to such acts, that he probably feels to you that you said that you gradually lose force. Do you know why? Because the focus of your attention is directed not to understand and meet your needs, not on what you feel you want you can, not on what you do next. Automatically you deprive yourself of emotional care about yourself, and it weakens you.

Because your attention is your only bathroom, which is visited by different thoughts and people, but in the case of such concentration on the opponent, you give it back and stay on the street, outside this room, out-of-focus your own attention.

3. Attention and self-evaluation

Further-more. Self-esteem is directly linked to how much attention, time and energy we give ourselves. And when our attention jumps, self-esteem drops.

Evolutionarily it so happened that we appreciate what most pay attention. Young mothers are always in the first months of reduced note self-evaluation. Their attention is directed at the child, they concede their "room"-it. When a child ceases to require all mother's time and attention, self-esteem is restored naturally.

So, proper focus allows you to be yourself, to defend its borders, withdraw from stressful situations, insults and hard feelings in the further happy life, raises and stabilizes the self-esteem, and the main account lets you manage your life and do it all as you need!

Warning-cool stuff! Read this article and keep the endless expanse of sërfit′ absentmindedly)

Or close the extra window in your browser and start to manage what fills your head, and later life.

Written by Анна

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