You have a right to their resources.

Imagine a circle around himself. Inside this circle of your emotions, thoughts, needs, capabilities to satisfy them: your time, money, effort, ability, things, relationships. All that is generated by your activities and everything that represents and nourishes your vitality.

Submitted? So here. You have the right to use all of this to build a comfortable life for himself, it's your resources. And sometimes you have the right to share the surplus to grow relationships and contact. That should become again your resource and the resource partner. Well, the type of relationship where a lot of acceptance, respect, and support. Than not a resource?

Many of us in childhood deprived of contact. Because of that, as children, we came to the conclusion that do not represent value for the partner themselves. So began giving resources from our circle for the sake of the contact. But this contact almost never became a full-fledged resource for us in turn. He did not realize, and I picked it up.

So people are transformed into a function, raw materials base for maintenance of self-esteem, complexes, and sometimes life forces. And then it no longer seems strange to them, they get used to be a feature.

From this vision they are particularly attractive for dependent, dependent, dysfunctional partners.

This is another side of codependency. It is often said that containing relationship with neresursnym partner, to feel its significance. Less frequently mentioned for the other side, which is dictated by codependency habit give a place unworthy partner, compensating its imaginary worthlessness of their resources, impact of what lies inside the circle.

Everything in your lap-nature put there for you, for your growth and flowering in joy to you. Because you're in itself-a valuable and beautiful form of life. And there are people who are happy to be next, because you are a miracle of human nature. And who hasn't seen-was blinded by hunger or selfishness.
You can raise your resource, tantamount to investing with a partner in a relationship. You can feel your own value and dignity from the inside, in the body. You can use individually or all that lies inside of your circle. You're amazing and valuable identity you worthy or deserve, you can)

P.S. This does not apply to professional activity, because the money we sell mainly itself as function: the one who creates, writes, teaches, etc. Here the value of measured resources: forces, skills, features professional.

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