The effectiveness of any activity begins when we cease to serve its own neurosis, nature, children's needs-how do you want to call.

Here's take the saucepan. It should be washed. If we are hungry, we have pasta, and we want the pasta for lunch, we just my crock pot and cook their own meals.

If it is necessary to wash, so that, for example, not to be nerjahoj, self-sabotage begins:

1) delay wash, because the 20 years we have been nerjahami one day decide nothing, let him and I polistaju via instagram.

2) becomes so unbearable shame from the thought of it remains that we prefer not to notice the pans for months, bringing myself to bouts of sudden alarm, because something had to be done, but they have forgotten that.

3) fall into the ostentatiousness and start on every street corner screaming that Yes, they say, not my pots, we what? And that wash only worried and sick.

Spasobov turn washing up in "the great objective of characterizing the sacral performer", as much as the characters. And any of them will lead to samosabotazhu.

It is important to be able to push aside the time washing your needs be cool mojshhikom/the most miserable trudjazhkoj/all visible neat person/guilty nerjahoj etc-depending on the nature of.

Because the only way to wash a pan-need a clean saucepan to achieve the desired state of satiety.

But if pushed, and the goal is not achieved, it probably had no practical meaning, and entirely was initiated by us to service our character. This pretty often.

These objectives can be achieved even while forces even be counted, devouring the energy produced from the youth and other resources.


Remember a case that sabotage.
How do you characterize this thing, if you're doing? As if not doing? In whose eyes?
Would you, if this does not describe you to anybody, even to ourselves? What practical tasks it solves? Can you solve them easier?

Valuable Affairs you!

Written by Анна

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