The training allows for 1-3 days to acquire the skills with which your life will be better

Only you decide what skills you need. I'm training these skills, which I know myself, and still remember how they received.

  • In training I'm helping skills from the same areas in which advise: relationships with themselves, their body close.
  • And yet — whom I know well just because I tonravitsâ something to do and I have long and surely these do. For example pravopolušarnym is drawing more.
  • Also I have skills from own experience overcoming issues — this is true of everything I know about the creative crisis and ways out of it, for example.


Right-brain training drawing

Sometimes the skills that I help shape are not as obvious as drawing, but their presence or absence of quite specifically and tangibly affects your life.

  • For example, the ability to hear and to assert their needs when the next most expensive and equal vociferously demand meet their or quietly and reprehensible views blackmailed guilt
  • Or the ability to hear and acknowledge their feelings, even when they're stupid, evil, nasty and do not meet your expectations of yourself.
  • Or the ability to recognize, where instead of you begins to impulsively Act a wounded child, who lives in you.
  • Skill with this child to agree
  • Or skill hearing her body: in health and especially in sickness.
  • Maintenance of normal skill self-evaluation
  • Skill to restore and maintain "creative forms
  • Many skills in building relationships at different stages in a relationship: you should be able to.

I am training and, because I too had to or it happens to do so are welcome!