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Pravopolušarnoe drawing is my great love. Since August, 2011 year on weekends I'm a one-day training workshop, where you learn to draw. Frankly, the idea of holding such sessions was born when I was 2 years ago when I was just beginning to master the same method of self drawing, designed by the artist Betty Edwards based on studies Nobel Prize winner Roger Sperry.

Despite the fact that in his time the basics of painting and drawing, I studied for about a year and a half in a beautiful school, I was struck by the possibilities of this non-standard method of teaching drawing.

For those who:

  • Generally can't draw
  • not satisfied with his work
  • painted once upon a time
  • never painted
  • suffering from perfectionism and self-criticism in life
  • loves to try new
  • wants to draw for the soul

That would be?

  • a lot of educational pictures in pencil
  • 2-4 landscape gouache
  • 1 large gouache work
  • interesting observation
  • a little movement
  • and 8:00 creativity!

How does it work? Description of the method

It is based on data from studies of the functions of the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Most people leading the left hemisphere is responsible for speech, logical thinking, it also plays a significant role in building psychological defenses (psychological defence Mechanism)

Pravopolušarnoe drawing

Right hemisphere is responsible for visual perception, is the bearer of the creative potential of the person.

Same method of drawing lets you see the world as it is, without illusions of perception arise we have influenced by life experiences. For example, most adults are unable to realistically portray a believable portrait of a man because of this interesting effect: a person, a person's eyes are portrayed more than they actually are, because for us these pieces have special psychological importance.

The main problem of inability to draw is not incorrect movements of hands and the inability to see things in a special way, which are able to see their artists. This way the vision is the result of lessons right-brain drawing absolutely everyone.

Right hemisphere doesn't lie, it lives without illusion, therefore, this method allows you to not only learn how to realistically depict objects, but be yourself with a tune, feel yourself, without foreign plants imposed by desires and goals without desire be for someone good.

For me it is the most valuable thing that can give pravopolušarnoe drawing.

What to bring?

  • spare shoes
  • comfortable clothing
  • sandwiches for lunch
  • the spirit of adventure

A I you .. .and I will water aromatic tea with sweets and give you everything you need for creativity!

As is usually the case

However, everyone finds this something of his own.

The main goal of the participants is often: try the method, retrieve the drawing skills, but, basically, all come to draw "for the soul". Look at the work of participants can be on this page

And here are the girls on one of my trainings: 

Note that none of the girls in the photos had no special skills of graphic activity. Participants often do not believe that they will be able to dr
w this But, "there is no limit to perfection", at the end of the day you can often hear: "it better". At first it embarrassed me, and only now I realize how great that people never I bet those prehistoric, without a shadow of a doubt say that could be better.

Certainly, further improvement of skills requires more time, the development of special materials and techniques. However, what you can create just one day people never engaged in drawing, surprising and inspiring, as well as feedback from participants in training. I am very grateful to all the adventurers who visited my classes right-brain drawing experience for their "fighting" attitude, for their smiles and willingness to try new!

Written by Анна

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