Needless to say a friend that his behavior hurt you? What if you're wrong, and take offense at this wrong?

You have a right to your feelings, including discomfort from prying action. Recognize that it is
Your discomfort may be associated with the actions of another, but no result. For example, a teacher at the school called you dumb, and girlfriend today jokingly said, "Stupid!", and you hurt. Pain associated with girlfriends, but is a consequence of the speech teacher.
If a friend inadvertently caused you discomfort, can be gently as I-messages it say get confirmation that he did not want to forget and let go. Well, or go to treat the wound without pretensions to close.
If a friend did you hurt, violating any of your important values or generally accepted norms of behavior in friendship, it is important to find out why and how he applies himself, otherwise confidence soon.
Goes to stipulate this need in any case, if you want intimacy and clarity in relationships.

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