Part 1

Anger is an emotion we inherited from our evolutionary ancestors. We cannot control the occurrence of anger. So all these stories about angry parents (children, husbands, friends, brothers and sisters) Sin-inflated moral requirements that cannot be matched. The discrepancy raises a sense of guilt, and a man in the sense of guilt is conveniently manipulated. Well, yes I got sidetracked.

We can choose what to do with anger, the appearance of which we cannot choose. This, however, comes through conscious work with emotions (psychotherapy, meditation).

We have three ways: 1) throw out as your heart desires 2) suppress, using psychological defence mechanisms ("I'm above this", "Pointless angry in this situation", "eh? What?", "Go, pooru on someone who will not surrender", "Yes what you, I'm not angry, just something gastritis play") 3) contain our. Understand the emotion, name it, understand what is happening in the body where you are experiencing. At this point the choice: if to express anger, what words, gestures, actions; If you do not express now, how to get rid of tension then?

The text looks simple. But only one client I honestly said, ' well, hang on and yell easier and even more enjoyable.

Nice fail. So it will be until the trouble of disruption does not outweigh the pleasure of uncontrolled discharge. Even suppress emotions easier-especially if accustomed to be sure that the disease formed themselves or their sends.

Continued tomorrow

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