When the case is not a case where there is not enough motivation, when no strength or you come to a fork in the road and can't make a choice, a vorčlivoe creature inside you begins to scold you active. Many believe it, give up and just throw all unchecked. Meanwhile, the "thrashing" has always understood that mechanisms extramental, you can obtain resources (force) in order to achieve your goal.

What is the point of?

Resource-centered interview aimed at awareness of the unmet needs that blocks the implementation of one or another actions leads to internal conflict and negative emotions. During the meeting, outlining the specific tasks to meet this need. This gives strength and the ability to get rid of unnecessary anxiety, associated with an area of life that inner critic attacks especially zealously.

How does it look?

The interview lasts for 40-60 minutes, costs 1500 rubles to Skype. Agree about it by e-mail: annamonchik@gmail.com

Resource-centered interview is not psychotherapy, more like a psychological consultation, that is not going to cure it, but realize the important things-help and apply professional knowledge in the search for concrete solutions and resources.

For whom?

True for those who rasputii, who lacks the force who zarugal himself and afraid to act.

Written by Анна

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