In Kuala Lumpur live Malays, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians. Muslim women wear headscarves, some with long dresses, some with tight leggings, someone is paranžu with a cut to the eye, Indian sari, wearing any pants with long blouses and sometimes short shorts. There is nobody to monitor them, they have no one to condemn. In this diversity, only you can be any, so it seems to me that what they choose to be themselves. And smile me choosing to be here such as not here for tops: coexistence is achieved not through mutual oppression, and through respect for the needs of the streets you. altar of build-do need room for prayer with fan-get, want a separate wagon for women-please. Hot on the streets walking-build over streets, air-conditioned corridors. Many people want to move on the city-here's a monorail, komm′ter, express, normal train, bus, taxi.

Here a lot of garbage and poverty and other problems, is probably enough. But here's what surprises me: there is concern about a variety of people in different, sometimes such non-obvious manifestations! For example, in the toilets there are hoses and talc, there is room for feeding babies and even hairdressing self-service, there is a track for the blind and a barrier-free Wednesday, there is a possibility the Europeans walk in shorts, and Muslim women-in headscarves. Society allows and supports them to be what they are. Friendliness, respect and caring in the details they say in favour of this.

Written by Анна

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