Why are you still not doing what I want and live not in the way I want to?


As well, quickly threw the Office went to travel, earning online, describing everything in via instagram! Nu-Ka nakachala urgently priest, took up yoga, weigh 40 kg, otrastila spit to the waist, gave birth to 5 children without separation from superpribylnogo business from a beach in Thailand, and the best in the Maldives!


And if that doesn't work, gryzi yourself, read motivational posts, listen to podcasts, fight with procrastination!


Us from everywhere are calling only live the way I want to and do just what I want. On this giant audience recruited psychologists, bloggers, coaches and other gurus.


I have this vision of this subject.


1 level. Live like is to endure: "and who now easily?!". Fun, dreams and joy left in childhood. Leading the emotion fear that THEY will be punished (life, Chief God, society), if you do not properly write the rest in recipe, Oh, i.e., work like a horse, don't marry and did not bring forth. Ah yes, another mortgage!


What is perceived as a breakthrough at this level after any training or listening to motivational Podcasts: you can not do that you don't want to, and do what you want! After all instabloggery about this write, da-da-da! Go to the courses "earn money online" and go travel! Oh, the couple wanted to lie about, cake! And the rest you can not write because they may not punish the same sometimes fail to notice. Well, that is, you can alternatively get married and go to the left, if you do not know, huh? Or get a job there and play Solitaire, do not yet see. And you can even decide not to work, suddenly the universe will give money through parents? The key here is the word SUDDENLY: good mood-buy morozhenku, bad-will-blow.


2 level. Understand what is important to me in life, in details delight yourself am where I understand why. Write all the rest in the recipe to learn how to write, and not out of fear that people will be punished.  Happy with life, diligent, responsible, and successful. If that doesn't work, try 5 times more. Break where stubbornness not to take.


3 level. Aware of the challenges in life, see a huge field of possibilities for realization of tasks take intelligence and communication skills, to constantly expand the field, qualitatively analyze the possibilities, sootnoshu with your wishes and resources, choose the shortest path. If I need to learn to write, I can start with samples, as is customary, but also I can choose to draw pictures with small details, iterate through ten litres of cranberries, separating small leaves. Can I choose the most pleasant or optimal way for me. I can even choose to write the recipe hooks, if you understand that the evaluation and selection of other ways for the development of fine motor skills I don't have the time or desire.


So, to live happily and do what you want, you want to know what you want to be able to use thinking as a tool for achieving the goals of the easiest and most enjoyable way, and for this it is important to understand where you use your brain for other purposes, and have to dig ore: my serve scalpel conceit, showing someone something, deserve, samokopaetes, etc. It takes several years of serious work. In fact, in the first level of the man decides to only obey or resist, on the second-why obey or resist the third picks and goal, and methods to achieve.


Written by Анна

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