"In my picture of the world, there are two ways to find the money in the world: by demonstrating his life and through the sale of his life.
The first way is difficult, the second common throughout. In the first case, the soul wakes second falls asleep. In the first case, the person is recovering, while the second falls ill. As usual: dead dead, live to live. " Vyacheslav Gusev
As I pleased lately that chose the first. That my job requires all new expressions themselves. And here in the summer was a watershed moment when these manifestations I find could not and did not want to. Need to see and understand all my manifestations of themselves, including pain, shadow aspects led me into a rage and spodvigala career change. And now the crisis has passed, and I got out of it with a new understanding of the professional roles and my personal motives at work. Work differently and with new understanding and inspiration, with his life, and it brings a completely different money)

Written by Анна

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