Fearing the future, we are not always, but are often afraid of what is happening to us now, or what happened a long time ago. How else do we know that we need to be afraid?
People are afraid of moving to stay without friends and loved ones, but often actually feel alone now. Women are afraid that after a divorce they have nowhere to go-perhaps they already have no sense of home or they feel that everything that earns the husband does not belong to them. A man is afraid that if he divorces his wife, new friends will be with him for his money-perhaps, and the current spouse gives him a sense of importance only when he provides it. A man is afraid to mark his limits for his mother, not to provoke her aggression- She has long been aggressive, but aggression is passive: resentment, claims, calls five times a day, unsolicited advice on the subject of marital life.
I do not undertake to argue that this is the way it always works. Often people are afraid of moving just because they appreciate the community that created around them, the family.
However, if you are afraid of change, try to test your fears and the criteria I have suggested. Perhaps change is not a provocateur of troubles in your case, but a way to get out of them. And you conceived them, unconsciously looking for a way out. If so, it's time to open your eyes.
The wind of change blows just when our eyelids are raised.

Written by Анна

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