For access to a psychologist?


I am sometimes asked, who are these people that come to me for advice. The answer for me is simple and inspiring.


Come to me more often insurgents and revolutionaries.


No, it's not political activists. These are people changing the fabric of their family, the sort of people who want a higher quality level, joyful life than were their parents. They need to adapt to the new life that they are able to build with the help of his labour, intellect, education, psychological competence.


Those who want more than they already have: not just a job, and favorite work, not just marriage and a happy marriage, not "life like everyone else", and his own personal desires, dreams, feelings, passions, and not those that "put normal people", the life of the mind, not the eternal desire to prove to someone something.


This girls whose moms were divorced or married to an alcoholic. Educated, smart, beautiful, they want to learn to love and respect themselves, they want to fall in love with decent men and live a different life than many generations of women by their families. These are men whose fathers were not successful and loved. Sons want to feel worthy of money, success, respect, love, holiday. To do this they have to violate the family order in which man has been deprived of all this or perceived user.


Reach a new level: want more for themselves than the accustomed


It is, more often than not, kids good and socially advantaged people. Just parents couldn't give them something important due to difficult circumstances or because they do not have. To me turning those who want to be healthy, good to myself, to build relationships for joy, not from want, know yourself and realize their potential.


In their family might be different, but they are already much could change and now live differently than parents lived. I passed a large and complex plot of this path and continue to go on it, so I appreciate and respect the efforts that make my clients to become happier, realizovannee, closer to yourself. And I am proud of everyone. Each has its strength, otherwise he is not a psychologist arrived.

Written by Анна

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