Lethal weapons. lethal weapons that lethal weapons is. New pancake term poked in his popular articles by psychologists. With detached so descriptively separately: "lethal weapons borders do not feel" lethal weapons "normally.", "travmatikam" it is peculiar.

I see no reason to use this word in the posts for clients. Well not write so indiscriminately about neurotics, or people with a šizoidnym cleavage. Why? Because basically the man when he badly wants to be seen as a person and not as a travmatik, or neurotic. How to work with a psychologist, who then the article will stick on your label? I would be unsafe.

I cannot imagine a psychologist working with adequate trauma, but not the doctor who treated his injuries. And when they write about travmatikov "they", I wonder: why so indifferently? There were no injuries? Cured all their already? "They" can also mean? Then why the special word?

For the term "lethal weapons" are people with a great variety of experiences and colorful internal picture of what happens to them. They are harder, more interesting and more broadly the term, and most importantly livelier. And living are entitled to live attitude. It's probably, and there are environmental friendliness.

I want a green attitude, when I read the post about your problem. Ecology is also important to me not only in the relationship with a client who pays me, but also in the relations with those who read my posts, counting me Pro.

Written by Анна

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