Save time and honouring information hygiene.

I have a slew of quality articles divided into several species.

  • Popular science articles with descriptions of research, clarifying concepts and showing sources.

Example: an anonymous survey participants American beauty contests showed almost a quarter of them are detected by an eating disorder. [Beauty is as beauty does: body image and self-esteem of pageant contestants. Ссылка на научный сайт с опубликованным исследованием]

  • Description of personal experiences of psychotherapy, personal observations or client event. In science it is called phenomenological approach. Phenomena help us understand something about yourself if your case is similar. Also described may be a special case of the patterns, but conclusions about this can only be done if it will confirm a statistical study. Believe it or not in the existence of this pattern to supporting research-decides based on its own analysis skills, experience and common sense.

Example: "That prevents people with high intelligence realize their full potential? Often in consultations, see the same mechanism that now describe. "

  • Analysis of psychological problems from the point of view of some schools of therapy and personality theory. Then in the article clarifies concepts, describes the main provisions regarding human nature, personality, refer to the writings of the founding fathers and children-followers ".

Example: "from the perspective of existential therapy, anxiety. This idea is found in the works of Kierkegaard, and Yalom writes. "

  • Art essays that are psychological phenomenon of refraction through a prism of perception of the author. Characterized by metaphors, comparisons, an appeal to the reader other literary techniques.

Example: imagine that you are standing in front of the mirror, and see your reflection everywhere very clearly, but here's one piece of mirror zamutnen "

For anything else, you can not waste time. Especially for content that contains:

1. Generalizations. "All men are by nature hunters"

2. Tips. "Go away with poor performances from men about to marry, not communicate with toxic people"

3. "The truth", without specifying the sources of "cancer-a result that went against his nature"

This personal speculations of the authors.

A professional psychologist must be able to analyze the information for accuracy, differentiate their fantasies and personal opinions from the truth. If it does not vouch for the veracity of its findings, versatility and, he says, on the basis of which they are made, that the reader himself decided how he agreed with the conclusions of the expert.

These skills and values need psychologist if, after reading the article, you will come to him for advice.

And Yes, I wrote this article based on the University course "qualitative and quantitative research methods in Psychology"


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