Grow from childhood injuries hurt. It hurts to accept refusal to meet with the fear of rejection, scared to ask embarrassing swear and fight, accept-as a sign of helplessness, letting go of hope as die meet condemnation-become a rag in the corner.

Nobody makes just so. All this is possible only for the sake of something important. Only traffic to important causes to grow, meet with pain and slogging through, to overcome, to acquire a new quality of relations with life. Face it, even be it broken.

If you are waiting for that important will come into your life when you will overcome all fears and complexes, it is unlikely to happen.

The courage to acknowledge something important for yourself and go for it-the courage of growing up. Because in this way will have to heal, to operate, exploring, treat yourself to a refiner, to grow. And no guarantee of results, by the way.

Argue with mom, defending the interests of their child; take rejections in finding your dream job; accept for the sake of love; say goodbye with hope and illusion for gaining reality. Deal with complexes about appearance, in order to protect her daughter from them to feel dignified in relationship to be liberated in bed to achieve professional branding goals.

Change of spherical horse in a vacuum of pointless, he changed himself, if will find specific, context and purpose. But if it becomes too painful, he still need a quality contact and space. Good coaching or psychotherapy are suitable.

Come here, for example.

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