The past few months have raised quite acute in my life, and then in professional practice the theme of power. Advice I'm working a lot with men that lies in this plane.


This is a difficult subject, lifting tons of anger, fear and shame, because she always appears together with the subject's own weakness.


And yet often we seek by all means to "be strong" so as not to burst some invisible dam inside of us.


This invisible dam can be, in my opinion, two things: trauma and guilt, and it is through these path from strength to weakness and back. About the guilt of the second part

Psevdosila as a consequence of injury


Caught in a traumatic situation and not getting support in the future, many people unconsciously try to restore confidence in their strength, getting into similar conditions and trying to get out of there. So runs the scarred psyche. But, just because it hurt, people cannot cope with the situation again. Not because he is weak, and because of an injury may not use its power. This is repeated trauma and consolidation of views of its own weakness.


This is the mechanism by which many men fleeing from weakness, deprive themselves of force.


Healing from the trauma of going any other way. Unfortunately, this is known only to specialists. In the past year, I was fortunate enough to become acquainted with one of the world's leading experts on psychological therapy of shock trauma. It is about 70 years old, his name is Erik Jarlnaes, and he said that one of the most important components of healing trauma is to obtain support and assistance. But when a man does not want to recognize the constraints imposed on his life as a result of the injury, he found it difficult to accept the support and ask for help. A vicious circle.


Empowerment trauma becomes possible only if recognition of weakness.

And I myself held this way-it is difficult, but good work!

When you acknowledge that all this really happened and changed you forever

When you're I wounds, rather than to cause new and did not recognize their existence

When you start to gain strength again and recover slowly, without pushing and not berating yourself

When you stop yourself something to prove but just with new forces go further

When you're finally able to quietly smile, speaking on the topic of strengths and weaknesses)



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