That prevents people with high intelligence realize their full potential? Often see the same mechanism that now describe.

It's a wise child gets approval and praise for their thoughts. If he has little feeling that it is valuable in itself and enjoy significant adults and in its other manifestations, he clings to his intellect as for jewel. All further jewel starts to manage it.

He avoids situations where it might seem that his jewel-nondescript cobble and not shining diamond.

This new learning situations, tasks, where it may fail, but not because of intelligence, but for lack of other skills: physical, social, emotional control. He just may not have enough support or good example of adults, as he only feels that fails, refuses to work. Because of this is not so as it could.

Farther from smart triggered streamlining as psychological protection, and they are themselves logically explain why a case in which they have to first be in positions not very clever-not for them.

And choose a profession activity in their range they have little or zero competition.
It is clear that this circle they then Holy guard from getting to it any dangerous for their jewelry competitors.

Their intelligence in childhood has ceased to be a tool for them to achieve their life goals type material security, efficient processes for sharing with others, the quality of life. He gained the meaning of jewels, supporting their importance. But as the tool has stopped working.

Therefore, people with more mediocre intellect often use it more efficiently.

What should I do? Very gradually rastozhdestvljatsja with intelligence, producing a feeling of self-worth at the expense of other features. And ideally, through deep accommodation value of his being.

Easier said than done? I was a big part of the way by herself and accompanying clients on it, I invite you to consult if you in the beginning.

Written by Анна

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