Pravopolušarnoe drawing. The outcome of the


A year and a half have passed since my first drawing right-brain training. Now I understand what allowed me to help different people start drawing. This is not a special exercises, Betty Edwards not discourse on hemispheres of the brain, no!

I just told people what they very rarely heard in life: "you will do it!", "with this picture give you another chance!", "you can!", "you are a special person, once can create such paintings!", "you have the ability!"



Those who know me understand that I am far from sentimentality. But those who were on my training, know that these words I was not enthusiastic idealistkoj. Sincere confidence in them. And I saw the people who finally say. Pictures of the paintings parties my trainings is the best proof, which allow you to make the leap in the development of these: "I can see how you feel the color, you have an amazing perception!»


Inner critic and creative crisis


A year and a half of monthly reference for the training I pretty much learned about domestic criticism, who lives in each. And I saw people who had nothing to oppose his own domestic tyrant.  Many of us don't even have the words in the lexicon for expressing a good attitude because they had no place to be gleaned. Too few heard the kind of faith-filled words.  People praise each other's work, saying: "what have you turned out to be graceful stalk and you-bud surround, but it is often compared to his work:" not that I have some sort of hogwash. "




Many of the absolute ruler of consciousness is the inner critic, and there's no one who will understand that you're valuable by itself. I spoke at the training simple things each of you, your inner critic ehidničal in response, and I said again, and on your sheet bloomed flower, and you wondered what you did.

I have many times told others that they can, that they can, that they are wonderful, creative, unusual people, that finally heard it in relation to yourself. Thank you for this!



During this time I studied every stupenečku on the way out of a creative crisis, favourite tricks the inner critic, which he uses to not give you BE as you want; the words that he said that you could not understand what you want (in the profession, relationships, life).


Inner critic devalues, ridicules, censors our most honest desire and thought that might help us understand how we want to live our lives. He too is active, if you:

  • do not take seriously their dreams
  • don't know what you want
  • Edgy to themselves
  • you have low self esteem
  • You hesitate to do what you want
  • in your life there is no place for creativity
  • You "pohoronili"svoi creativity.


Now I created a new training. It is dedicated to working with internal critic and means of exiting the creative crisis. This is the result of those thoughts and discoveries that I encouraged you, right-brain training drawing and my experience creative resuscitation herself.


So far, I haven't had time to write a separate post about him, so can I write, if you are interested in such an inside job.


With a smile and gratitude, Anna.




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