If you drive in Yandex two queries: "how to lose weight" and "how to have an orgasm", it turns out that the second looking at 26 times.

The appearance of the body excites people more than the fun of it. 

Feminists call this objectification of women (this is when women influenced by upbringing and pressure society Act and does not appear as themselves comfortably and enjoy, and to be an attractive object of desire for men). Men often too this expose themselves. The shamans would call it loss of soul, because it constitutes a violation of the integrity of perception itself.

This happens when we lose our own perspective on our lives. Well, when the viewpoint lies within us and can sometimes move to another for a while, to see the world through his eyes (for sympathy or orientation in the world or feedback). But often I see people it back and not pull. Put yourself in the place of another, and let's look at everything from there. Especially it becomes trouble when concerning the own body. 

We think about how it looks, rather than feel inside. "Too big", "belly too crooked legs", "too asymmetrical face." For what or for whom too? More often than not to attempt to climb through the stencil or their perceptions of other people's beautiful, but not for well-being. 

Have you seen these lungs? They correspond to the notions of the beautiful with their veins, capillaries, mucus? However, for optimum performance and health, they need to be, and not as in the pictures depict a hipster, not in the form of cages with birds and not with Oriental pattern instead of a grid of vessels. So why all the body so look?

The causes may be different: the pursuit of nedopolučennomu in childhood, validation, and physical injuries and illnesses that scary experience if you feel the body and trauma imprinted in the body in the form of stress and poor circulation.

The habit does not live in your body, help overcome bodily practices that combine voltage with the relaxation and permit meaningfulness during classes: Yoga, some kinds of dances and sports. Restoring sensitivity of individual sections and whole body helps somatics khans. Heartfelt sex or friendship hugs, leisurely delight food movements, potâguškami with am-daily practice of life in the body. And it is important to treat wounds, edge you from the rest of the body.

Reclaiming look at ourselves, we cease to fear surrounding assessment, we begin by using their senses and mental processes constitute a representation about the world and about themselves. We finally grow up. We take care of your body at the time, we enjoy sex, touch, food, rest and activity, self-esteem becomes sustainable and filled with life. As the shaman would say, we return your soul inside ourselves, we become whole. 


Written by Анна

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