Imagine you are standing in front of the mirror, and see your reflection everywhere very clearly, but here's one piece of mirror zamutnen. And no matter how you kept circling in front of the mirror, this part of my reflection does not see. What feelings would arise? Irritation? "Foolish mirror cannot show me holistically!" anxiety? "That plot my body?" fear? "I'm in this place at all there is?"


The same thing happens here when meeting with people who do not see, do not recognize a significant part of our experience, our trait or ability because they do not have such experience, or is superseded.


Trauma survivors often suffer because surrounding if they cease to notice them, communication becomes superficial. Hurts too much to notice and reflect that part of the experience of the injured person.


Young mothers are often unable to find common ground with girlfriends who have no experience of childbirth, especially if that experience emotionally very charged and has in this period life crucial to women.


I have heard from many talented clients, grown in marginal Wednesday how they felt the years nedouvidennymi and nedoponjatymi, and how they are doing when they met with sebepodobnymi.


This is the same as in the tale of ugly utenke: live with something about that neither sleep nor the spirit to know that you're other but never meet its flocks-an incredibly hard. But how it all falls into place when meeting with her! Many details, inconsistencies, trifles having sense, linked into a single beautiful pattern, explains to you, who are you and who your tribe.


Many years ago I really liked the phrase from the movie "I don't hurt" with Renate Litvinova: "the main thing in our lives-to find and settle down." That's just the search never ends until new experience comes to us and wants to be reflected until we have the ability and features hidden from ourselves.


Recently, I experienced an amazing experience around me were people who understood about me that others do not understand and do not reflect. This does not necessarily lead to a special closeness or multi-year friendship, but this time their recognition and their like insight helps you feel your place in the world, understand yourself deeper and feeds power to stay a with all their abilities, capabilities, experience.


And you are faced with a sudden sense of: "here they are, my! I'm here and in its place! "?


Look for her, this is important!


Written by Анна

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