Led I Pravopolušarnoe three years taught drawing, see people invent reality, not her. Domyslennuû portray hard it vague. As seen already easier trick.

Psychotherapy often stumble on something that the customer does not see and does not want to see what will bring him good and wants to hold on to their perception that for it as well. 

I same hear gnashing their brains when doing your next opening that I good, and what is good too, but not me. 

Still very often see how clients to plow through to get out of the minus zero: restore forces, prevent their unauthorized expenditure on other people's problems and manipulations, samoedstvo, traumatic experiences. And then stop. From zero to plus do not go. 
How to stop cursing with her husband and IM wondering how relations with spouse enjoy-no. Hear the familiar Squeak of brains. Because the pleasure and happiness scarier pains for many. 
Because change lives, not to suffer-normally, and explore yourself, your body, your desire to enjoy something of a waste of time and effort, and ashamed. 
"Mom what all his life by his father, and I'll suddenly happy?", "father of the gorbatilsâ collective farm, and I was their talent without strain on all preferences make?", "all in the family without a man lived, and I am as contented cat March?"-scary. 

Stydili, envied, intimidated by someone else's envy. Not accustomed to the idea that you can be happy and enjoy. Not accustomed to look for ways to have fun. Even psychotherapists are easier to dig through injuries and pain than help in finding ways to be happy when the basic work injury accommodation is made. 

Search exactly their ways of getting joy and pleasure can and should be. We can and must look for a sexual partner who will love everywhere and as you need, you can learn to be such for each other in the pair, you can search for six months panties that don't rub, you can ask a loved one to do what pleased rather than only what is necessary, in order not to die. You can get out of bad relationships and find those well. Only have to make an effort to work with a sense of self-worth, and then include organisational skills and make the same life in joy, and not without problems. 

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi wrote that joy differs from pleasure so that pleasure comes when reset voltage needs something, and joy comes as a result of the effective application of some efforts. Sexual pleasure for many can be a joy, work can be a joy, spending money, attitude, creativity, recreation, communication-all can be a joy. To do this you need to put in the effort, namely to see themselves and their desires, not ideas about what we should be and what should want. 

Draw a box correctly can only be learnt through the eyes that his ribs don't look parallel, and throw the geometric school knowledge. It's harder than it looks, but it is possible. Joyful and sensual you weekend!

Written by Анна

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