Once you give him a chance to fall in love with you. Not melteshi, not run, not forsiruj event.

It is slightly confused: any new feeling in the stomach. He needs to spend some time with him, he has to accept it, he needs to make sure that it is HE HIMSELF. That is not a miracle from outside under the influence of weather and stress, not you with his promises and seduction, no hormones, no nature and evolution, not the society, and he himself.

Give him the opportunity to take responsibility for his feelings, his so all time stimulate/motivate/kick/develop. Dont go to demonstrate the dignity, the promise of bliss, prominent disadvantages. Just be. And give him space to he could make all your steps.

I know that you all have life "helping" others to love you. Be like this and hiding the other, care, help, fascinate other satisfaction of his needs.

So here. Leave the other alone, humble yourself and just be. I know that sounds scary. It's like a breathe out to go to the bottom: scary, weird but surprisingly safe. Let another treat as you can and wants his soul. Immerse yourself in full its silence. Sdajsja.

If at this point you will find each other, then you have a chance to withstand close this entire trip, called relations.

Then you'll be kicking each other for having lost parents, for what do not know something and not getting, then will cling to each other, try to breathe together some light, then they'll build illusions and destroy them, play the victim and Tirana, save each other.

All of this will be, because we all live, and thus want warmth and love, but all live for the first time and therefore does not know how to feel it.

Each of you will find it easier to withstand all this coffee grinder, if everyone will remember the moment when in complete silence in domestic bottom HIMSELF felt love when nothing is promised, is not meant not required.

With his DNA, Anna Negreeva)

Photo By Anna Negreevoj.

Written by Анна

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