Success as compensation for lost love ceases to motivate when people learned to love himself. 

And then there are two ways: to score this or use the most success in the pursuit of it skills for what you really want. 

For example, to make as much money as you want to grow in an interesting case. 
Then the person becomes very effective, because its purpose consistent with its intrinsic motivation. When success was love, compensation may be any of: financial, educational, social, and one motive-to feel that love, approved, accepted and recognized. And now everything is simple: I want to Paris, earning money, food. Wish that was me created robot-prokačivaûs′ in designing a robot do it. No blurry and unclear goals motivation, no prokrastinacii. 

Blurred the notion of success itself only vanishes acquires other, clearer forms: professionalism, the specific amount of money, the opportunity to collaborate with a certain number of people to achieve objectives, and so forth. 

When success ceases to be a substitute for Mama's love, a man simply starts to achieve joy and comfort. Makes to do rather than to earning respect from, to get pleasure from acquisitions, not to envy and communicates to share with people for a specific purpose, rather than for the sake of popularity.

Written by Анна

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