Unrealistic their claims is difficult to recognize because it often serves the unrealistic ideas about the self: I am cool and my ambitions, goals in life, too, must be enormous. "If I can't achieve something grandiose, it means I'm not a grand"

Unrealistic expectations are causing so much anxiety that paralyze us in achieving smaller goals. We could do on the 75, but due to expectations that we will be able to 100, worry and prokrastiniruem so that we do at 50.

Recognize that we do not want, so it is difficult for us to sit down and calmly analyze the situation, and we walk in a circle:

inflated claims-anxiety-reducing effectiveness-inability to understand its cause-wine-need to compensate for their sense of inferiority high claims-new revolution.

Deep in childhood lies the inability to separate themselves from their actions and personal value from the usefulness/success. But dig usually people with exaggerated claims of the once-great things await.


-Man, you're bringing a spoon kopaesh, think: the shovel will be faster!
-Once think dig!

Written by Анна

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