There are inside such internal character who forever shamed, criticizes and assures that nothing happens. Listening to him, we:

  • afraid to start new,
  • to request that we need
  • self-belief,
  • have low self-esteem and
  • afraid to learn something, not to hear his ranâŝih comments.

And wants to implement his plan in the works, build a career, claim to high office, consider yourself worthy that I'd like to have, easy to learn with a smile and endure setbacks.

How to do it?
To get acquainted with this character and learn how to interact with it through body-oriented, analytical and gestalt approaches in psychology.

In the program:
Who criticize?

  • Where does the inner critic
  • "Favorite songs" of your inner critic. Working with negative attitudes concerning work, creativity and self-esteem, made from childhood

To whom and what to believe?

  • Constructive and destructive self-criticism. Algorithm of interaction.
  • Working with feelings of guilt and shame

What should I do? Correction of self-esteem:

  • Components of positive self-esteem. What you need to do to treat myself well.
  • That countered Domestic criticism (finding and development of internal resources, support and self-support)
  • Bodily self-support resources. Work with the muscles at the psychological level, related to the maintenance of a positive attitude

Inner critic as a resource

  • How to find a vocation through criticism


All three blocks consist of practical steps and skills really change your attitude towards yourself, the results and the process of work/creativity towards greater awareness, samoprinâtiâ, confidence and responsibility for healthy results.
Cost: 2000 rubles
Record: + 7921 775 92




Live in harmony with a means to do what I wanted. Once I wanted to help people begin to draw, so 3 years led his own architectural drawing RIGHT-BRAIN training. Almost immediately I realized that the lack of skill-not the main problem on the way to realization of the desire to create. The main problem is an internal critic. Ever since I learned about it a lot, learned to negotiate, as with someone else's, and that inside me.

I am training about it, because now I see that so I can help more people live in harmony with them. Because very joyful when you agree with those who have inside you, and he says only by case, only helping you grow, take yourself and do really cool stuff.


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