You crave compliments from men, looking for their recognition, obizhaeshsja on husband or boyfriend when he doesn't notice your effort in the design of appearance, stay still in the favorable perspective on photo in social networks in anticipation of enthusiastic comments, endlessly think, as even myself better, dress, slipped up, dye, curl, mustache. This desire sometimes captures you so that you're not itself belong to. But through it all your thirst remains unquenched and compliments are always scarce.


Let yourself linger briefly in this thirst. It won't kill you, you know it. It's like a prick, you want to survive, to recuperate. Allow yourself to be with pain and irritation from neutolimosti this thirst and see in which direction it seeks. Is it to a man she stretches? Except to subscribers in social networks? Look, vgljadyvajsja, who can drink you, who can relieve the pain?

You have a different relationship with it. After seeing her, you can exclaim: "here's another! Me nothing from it don't! "or just bitter tears.


You're beautiful, you're a woman. These are givens. But this is not enough you you if you don't believe this. Information from your senses nevesoma and unconvincing. That would give it weight?


You want it said. Need to she looked at you, surprised, pokruzhila you considered from different angles. So in response to you umililas, or even razdosadovalas was saddened, but resigned later and looked at you seriously and in a new way. Took you by the hand, and brought into the circle of people like you: adult beautiful women.


"Meet my daughter and now she is among us, girlfriend!"


And you watched those who know how it is to live in a woman's body, hears it, spend it, cherish it, respect it, be beautiful and be a woman. Who will support and understand without words. And IT further may dissolve, turn away, too (domhnall Gleeson), to support and respect you, but at the same time she acknowledged and put you into the circle, where you can meet their girlfriends, who are all with you or go slightly ahead, and sometimes those who passed all long and even older than your mom. And you are otrazhaesh the value and beauty of each and otrazhaeshsja in their eyes and learn to value, recognize, see them and yourself.


Oh man … that man? He sees and is always seen. All: and thy thirst, which he could not quench, and thy fullness which he trembles if he put in a circle. A male, of course. Or does not see, but it's his process, not yours.


Come on training about samootnoshenie and looks:

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