The internal confrontation with parents of adult children is exhausted.

Even if they have long understood that their lives are responsible for themselves, make decisions without thinking about mom and dad. They do differently, but under the yoke of parental disapproval, spoken or shown constantly, they be still tough.

This delayed attention to permanent condition inculcates defend their solutions where you can just easily live with your mind.

Neodobrjajushhie parents defending their rightness and self-image-better-knowing, give vent to his personal insecurity and anxiety, but it cannot be called the actions and experiences for the benefit of children.

It is important to understand if your parents regularly indicate disagreement with your important decisions did not approve of the choice of spouse, work, lifestyle. At certain stages of maturation, this can greatly weaken if not taken into account the influence of parents, and there is an illusion that you are all such entirely independent.

People in this period as the walkers, who have already embarked on a rope and went through the first steps. At this point a replica that it and the risk of kanatohozhdenija only distract and increase the risk of falling, and quiet prayer or simply faith in the forces of circus performer-the only thing you can do for him because of those on Earth, nothing depends, all in the power of his personal dexterity and ability to concentrate.

You just need to believe, that at the time of the entry into force of the rope he had time to soak up all the necessary skills and developed skills.

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