To me the advice written by a woman, creating a love triangle. At the appointed time, it's not. Just not all: even SMS is not sent, the handset does not charge. And it is not the first, I met with a dozen such people of triangles that anybody not warn: wife-that attitude no longer arrange, mistress-that his wife won't go away, a psychologist-what changed my mind coming to the consultation. For 5 years I have even such statistics have accumulated. )

It seems unbearable for a human that moment when he tells you the inconvenient truth, and you look at it. What he could see in this view, it is unbearable. Easier escape, forget that summed up or even suffer guilt, just do not see this view?

I don't think he's afraid of condemnation in the eyes of your partner, "third-excess" or, a fortiori, a psychologist. I think he always escapes from the stydâŝego view of the mother or the father.

There was too little constructive support to learn to take responsibility, and too much condemnation for honesty rejected or could "Finish" accusations and denial of forgiveness.

Unpleasant to feel the results of their irresponsibility, but it is their only way to cope with this experience. I don't like the way they protect, but it allows them to survive and even snatch the attention. The winners are not judged.

P.s. in these situations there are my role, but more on that another time)


Written by Анна

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