We know ourselves, and in many respects and not want to know. Don't want to know yourself with "disabilities": meločnost′û, ègoističnost′û, anger, envy … And the more we reject yourself-"wrong", the more these unrecognized our features (shadow) affect our behavior and well-being.

Rejecting and not noticing these symptoms, we do not become white and fluffy, we continue to exercise their shadow aspects, and to the head of his and others ' to be pain′kami are toxic.

And why should we? And not to recognize that we are "bad". I will continue to live as long as I live (I would get mad at my mother, wife and change etc.) and suffer guilt than admit that Yes, I'm that kind of person: my interests me is more important than the mother's, married and even childhood that I wanted to spit on tolerance and the classics I read in summary and then for the sake of the troika in the quarter.

To acknowledge their shadow aspects need to grow up and not be afraid to be a "bad girl" or a "bad boy". And to do that you have to be able to take care of themselves, not as painful to depend on love and acceptance of others. In such a case the toxic guilt does not arise. We just recognize the situation as is and think that you can change: whether to indemnify or better send away offended because his claims are unfounded. Then we are free to decide what is good and evil, what is ethical and what is not.

But many prefer not to deal with these issues, to old age consider themselves dandelions and repent-vinâtsâ, and not having experienced this and unconditional love towards ourselves, not enjoying the own power in defending themselves and liberating from the manipulation of guilt, not breathing freedom to decide, what's bad and what's good.

In General, if experiencing toxic guilt, then you will find many wonderful discoveries about your shadow side, and forces that she hides. And let you courage to walk this path to freedom!

Written by Анна

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