In experiencing the effects of psychological trauma is such a moment, which I myself call "elucidation of the relationship with God".


This is when a person asks the question "why did this happen with me?". Replying to him, people choose most often one of the following options: 1) it's because I'm wrong (shame) and behaving incorrectly (wine) 2) Universe is unfair, what the heck? There is no God, once he made (variations on a theme of anger).


All this is accompanied by constructing images yourself-with-that-this-happened not by themselves with their peers who do not have such a traumatic experience.


At first I thought that the encounter at this moment with existential questions of the customer. And before I thought itself reflect on existential questions. But no. It's just a trap of consciousness.


When a person does not know what to do with the authority vested in his anger, fear, helplessness, shame and guilt, he begins to "go head" i.e. all attention to the abstract reflections about God, the universe, justice, guilt, and already about them he allows himself the senses, one of which is the self-pity.


There is an assumption that it's all the same emotions in traumatic situations and after it did not find the exit. But talk about the fate of many seems to be easier than her live: yelling, crying, angry, wallowing in helplessness, fear … We have no injuries that we can't do with my emotions, but they increased in times. Have to learn in an accelerated mode.


When a wild animal is injured, he is not thinking about its highest sense about why he, for what and why. It just hides in the Lair, zalizyvaet wounds, there are medicinal plants, makes everything feels necessary. If he's angry-bitten, if afraid-escapes. This is its strength. At this stage people little different from him. Need to lie down, crying, sleeping, eating, taking medication, vygovarivat′sâ, to express anger, to request protection and to provide yourself safe comfortable conditions for recovery, to teach the body to relax again.


And the process of integration of traumatic events in the perception of human life comes later. Existential acceptance of trauma and its effects on personality and fate often takes us to the level of spirituality. But that's just not these sounds and exclamations: "for what?", "how he made this?", "there is no God", and so on. It seems to me, here answers understood earlier issues.


At least in my experience. And they are not pulling share, and if it can, something yet to be lived. But I cannot say exactly, little has worked with such people, they usually know everything yourself and do not turn for help.


They love pospasat′ other and speculate on the topic of trauma as practicing karma, the result of worries about us God our unconscious desires get it and stuff. If the followers of the man who falls after the injury tend to suppress their feelings, they contribute to the significant complication of his healing and circle "for me what it is?" is repeated.


Do not go in circles, go spirals)

Written by Анна

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