Describe schema many quarrels in which one partner if "begging" the aggression of the second.

One causes the real or imaginary damage other unintentionally, random misstep. Feels guilty.

From the zashkalivajushhego guilt and unconscious desire to be punished, he makes involuntary their behavior demonstrative.

For example, because the work began later gather at the concert experienced infernal clumsiness and guilt before his girlfriend, and began to slowly gather defiantly, reporting to it on the progress of his thoughts: "and why is it men always waiting women, I have decided to do the opposite"

At this point, another man, condescending to its initial otnesshijsja forced the offense, see that he just nagleet on the eyes and uses patronizing without a twinge of conscience. Breaks into irritation at accusations or cry.

The first accuses him in a scream and aggression.

Total passive aggressor:
Its original wine punished screaming, then "reset" in his universe. Moreover, the loudmouth turns out to be guilty, because drunk voice increase.

Note If you tend to experience strong feelings of guilt, perhaps, some time later, a quarrel breaks out between you, you provoked passive aggression.

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