Failure-a great tool to get rid of constant in its toxicity people. When you ask not to do more as hurt you, and the person cannot or does not want to deal with your request.

Another failure helps in a heap of different cases: when people are uninteresting, but admit it to yourself don't want to; When very afraid to say that you are not satisfied, and fear outweighs the value of relationships; When you want to make a person guilty and bind to itself (if it is one of many who is played on it)

Failure is often a sign of unmet expectations: "I really need a Merry light a girlfriend and you gruziš′sâ all the time. Yes how dare this be?! This train! How so you can live somewhere? Well you away! "

Or like a boy, a girl was born, and his parents furious hilost′û directly (compared with a boy) and his devočkovost′û as a whole. Or here: dreaming of a beautiful child and grows slouching homebody, and all expectations of draws in the ashes.

And yet: waiting for acceptance and love from mom, and she herself despite rejection, and even two jobs exhausts is required, and you grow and you right out her coldness and warm relationship with the cat, but not with you.

In these cases, the rejection of another allows you to save hope performance expectations and not face the pain of disappointment. To adulthood will špinât′ girl for the manifestation of gender characteristics, carry couch potato on sections, and mom so before her death and will marinate grudges or brown-nosing, just to "love".

I was in both roles, she lived it, it seems like a ton. See his clients, topaû with them kicking, shaking my fists when they don't take someone, breathe deeply and evenly when they live the pain of rejection. Failure-a powerful tool, he pushes away from reality, and reconciles with her, but, as with all powerful tools, it is important to know how to use it.

Written by Анна

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