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Read if the change scares

Fearing the future, we are not always, but are often afraid of what is happening to us now, or what happened a long time ago. How else do we know that we need to be afraid? People are afraid of moving to stay without friends and loved ones, but often actually feel alone now. Women… Read more »

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Change to not "Kosyachit"

People come to remake themselves almost completely, because they faced with some feelings that can not bear. Made a mistake at work. Collapsed for this shame so do not carry, that it is easier to hide from it behind thoughts. What? about what he butterfingers, ignorant and irresponsible. I thought it would change. He has… Read more »

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Problem: Spend all the cleanup, no matter how much you earn

Illusion 1: You are unconsciously not here and now, and there and then, when Donashivali after the brother, listened to the scandals of parents because of money, ate potatoes and macaroni, and the excursion with the class did not go-expensive. Reality 1: If you didn't have a bike in your childhood, and now you have… Read more »

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All my troubles are my fault?

Guys who probivajushhimsja in life on their own, it often seems that all depends on them and their desires, perseverance, and ambition. They tend to underestimate objective factors. Which helps them to do "impossible" in their youth, but further leads to eternal struggles and to rationalizations. They're looking for a reason in themselves, and they… Read more »

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Quality articles and "psychological content"-what's the difference?

Save time and honouring information hygiene. I have a slew of quality articles divided into several species. Popular science articles with descriptions of research, clarifying concepts and showing sources. Example: an anonymous survey participants American beauty contests showed almost a quarter of them are detected by an eating disorder. [Beauty is as beauty does: body… Read more »

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Need for support.

#навеяно_практикой Need for support. Many it ceased to be met in very early childhood, when the trees were tall, and the other was the granidioznym and omnipotent. What they feel in situations when in need of support? Correctly, small, weak and dependent. Therefore, the consultations to understand this need come through anger (need you hurt… Read more »

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The main condition for healing and growth

Grow from childhood injuries hurt. It hurts to accept refusal to meet with the fear of rejection, scared to ask embarrassing swear and fight, accept-as a sign of helplessness, letting go of hope as die meet condemnation-become a rag in the corner. Nobody makes just so. All this is possible only for the sake of… Read more »

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Price: grow out of guilt and resentment.

That rarely comes to people under 30. Everything has a price. Want to answer close "on otvali"-answer but know how much it will cost you. And if you have then wine or offense-the price was inadequate. Rasplačivaeš′sâ these feelings for inability to pay and receive the correct price. Psychological children accustomed to getting everything for… Read more »

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Women's self esteem and masculine look. And here mum?

You crave compliments from men, looking for their recognition, obizhaeshsja on husband or boyfriend when he doesn't notice your effort in the design of appearance, stay still in the favorable perspective on photo in social networks in anticipation of enthusiastic comments, endlessly think, as even myself better, dress, slipped up, dye, curl, mustache. This desire… Read more »

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Give him a chance to fall in love with you

Once you give him a chance to fall in love with you. Not melteshi, not run, not forsiruj event. It is slightly confused: any new feeling in the stomach. He needs to spend some time with him, he has to accept it, he needs to make sure that it is HE HIMSELF. That is not… Read more »

  • From zero to plus: overcome fear of pleasure

    Led I Pravopolušarnoe three years taught drawing, see people invent reality, not her. Domyslennuû portray hard it vague. As seen already easier trick. Psychotherapy often stumble on something that the customer does not see and does not want to see what will bring him good and wants to hold on to their perception that for… Read more »

  • Is there life after dostigatorstva

    Success as compensation for lost love ceases to motivate when people learned to love himself.  And then there are two ways: to score this or use the most success in the pursuit of it skills for what you really want.  For example, to make as much money as you want to grow in an interesting… Read more »

  • Why I am not friends with customers and don't they have a manicure

    Among my clients, many guys are very interesting to me as interlocutors, potential friends, I close their position in life and we have common interests. Also among them is very steep. But I can't have them learn, can't use their professional services or products. Make friends, engage hobby too.  Why? Because I know that they… Read more »

  • Who's really unhappy with your body?

    If you drive in Yandex two queries: "how to lose weight" and "how to have an orgasm", it turns out that the second looking at 26 times. The appearance of the body excites people more than the fun of it.  Feminists call this objectification of women (this is when women influenced by upbringing and pressure… Read more »

  • Compensate for the lack of a father

    When I started to post on his page ideal sire messages under the tag #твой_внутренний_папа, I met a lot of misunderstanding.   "Why is that?" "What, mom can not give it all?" "As I have with my dad, everything is fine." "This should give the husband rather than Pope" And have had a lot of… Read more »

  • When you're as a red rag for the environment

    Sometimes other react to something in the US as the red rag: demonstrate against us irritation, fear, increased interest. Strong and extramental predominantly feelings cause surrounding desire to comment on or ridicule, hang tag, set evaluation.   In the US, this quality is not bad in itself. However, thanks to the bullfighting in childhood we… Read more »

  • Psychosomatics: push off from the bottom

    Disease-bottom, from which we start. And do it only if you scary. Then we can only grow: take responsibility, recognize the feelings, repressed desires.   Until then, we're playing a game: will obstinately and childish demand attention/relaxing/compassion/acceptance through an illness until she will recall the death of individually with terrible symptoms.   I cough scares,… Read more »

  • Not offended, but offended. Liberating post about responsibility

    Today-about aerobatics psychological maturity: the responsibility for your own feelings. When we already learn to take it?   Not insulting me, and I feel a grudge when you … Not you pričinâeš′ me pain, and I feel pain when you … Not you pridaeš′ my life meaning, and I'm looking for only you Not show… Read more »

  • Tales about the power of 2 

    Power locked fault For the first time, the child begins to feel his personal power during the period from 2 to 4 years. In these years he throws items, "who runs forward, trying to lift heavy bags" help my mother "as well as he has shown stubbornness, loud screams, fights, bite-tries and proves, explores its… Read more »

  • So, Pms. Psychological causes

    Once a month you think you ought pink glasses and saw that you have serious reasons for the tribulation and primarily-nobody likes. Especially He.  Actually, you have sharply decreased levels of the hormone progesterone, which intensively devote your body if the pregnancy will be held this month.  This hormone prevents uterine contractions, lest a miscarriage,… Read more »