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Read if the change scares

Fearing the future, we are not always, but are often afraid of what is happening to us now, or what happened a long time ago. How else do we know that we need to be afraid? People are afraid of moving to stay without friends and loved ones, but often actually feel alone now. Women… Read more »

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Change to not "Kosyachit"

People come to remake themselves almost completely, because they faced with some feelings that can not bear. Made a mistake at work. Collapsed for this shame so do not carry, that it is easier to hide from it behind thoughts. What? about what he butterfingers, ignorant and irresponsible. I thought it would change. He has… Read more »

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Problem: Spend all the cleanup, no matter how much you earn

Illusion 1: You are unconsciously not here and now, and there and then, when Donashivali after the brother, listened to the scandals of parents because of money, ate potatoes and macaroni, and the excursion with the class did not go-expensive. Reality 1: If you didn't have a bike in your childhood, and now you have… Read more »

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All my troubles are my fault?

Guys who probivajushhimsja in life on their own, it often seems that all depends on them and their desires, perseverance, and ambition. They tend to underestimate objective factors. Which helps them to do "impossible" in their youth, but further leads to eternal struggles and to rationalizations. They're looking for a reason in themselves, and they… Read more »

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Quality articles and "psychological content"-what's the difference?

Save time and honouring information hygiene. I have a slew of quality articles divided into several species. Popular science articles with descriptions of research, clarifying concepts and showing sources. Example: an anonymous survey participants American beauty contests showed almost a quarter of them are detected by an eating disorder. [Beauty is as beauty does: body… Read more »

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Need for support.

#навеяно_практикой Need for support. Many it ceased to be met in very early childhood, when the trees were tall, and the other was the granidioznym and omnipotent. What they feel in situations when in need of support? Correctly, small, weak and dependent. Therefore, the consultations to understand this need come through anger (need you hurt… Read more »

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The main condition for healing and growth

Grow from childhood injuries hurt. It hurts to accept refusal to meet with the fear of rejection, scared to ask embarrassing swear and fight, accept-as a sign of helplessness, letting go of hope as die meet condemnation-become a rag in the corner. Nobody makes just so. All this is possible only for the sake of… Read more »

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Price: grow out of guilt and resentment.

That rarely comes to people under 30. Everything has a price. Want to answer close "on otvali"-answer but know how much it will cost you. And if you have then wine or offense-the price was inadequate. Rasplačivaeš′sâ these feelings for inability to pay and receive the correct price. Psychological children accustomed to getting everything for… Read more »

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Women's self esteem and masculine look. And here mum?

You crave compliments from men, looking for their recognition, obizhaeshsja on husband or boyfriend when he doesn't notice your effort in the design of appearance, stay still in the favorable perspective on photo in social networks in anticipation of enthusiastic comments, endlessly think, as even myself better, dress, slipped up, dye, curl, mustache. This desire… Read more »

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Give him a chance to fall in love with you

Once you give him a chance to fall in love with you. Not melteshi, not run, not forsiruj event. It is slightly confused: any new feeling in the stomach. He needs to spend some time with him, he has to accept it, he needs to make sure that it is HE HIMSELF. That is not… Read more »

  • Part 1. About anger: how not to appear on the scorched earth?

    Part 1 Anger is an emotion we inherited from our evolutionary ancestors. We cannot control the occurrence of anger. So all these stories about angry parents (children, husbands, friends, brothers and sisters) Sin-inflated moral requirements that cannot be matched. The discrepancy raises a sense of guilt, and a man in the sense of guilt is… Read more »

  • Unrealistic expectations and procrastination

    Unrealistic their claims is difficult to recognize because it often serves the unrealistic ideas about the self: I am cool and my ambitions, goals in life, too, must be enormous. "If I can't achieve something grandiose, it means I'm not a grand" Unrealistic expectations are causing so much anxiety that paralyze us in achieving smaller… Read more »

  • Self-sabotage

    The effectiveness of any activity begins when we cease to serve its own neurosis, nature, children's needs-how do you want to call. Here's take the saucepan. It should be washed. If we are hungry, we have pasta, and we want the pasta for lunch, we just my crock pot and cook their own meals. If… Read more »

  • Responsibilities in a pair

    When people cannot care for themselves, they share household responsibilities: it is him, he Pats shirt kopm cleans. And altruistically type: "Wow, all in the family" And when one does not perform such duties, the other turns out to be deprived of something very important for him. He grudges, vpadanie sacrifice, guilt manipulation. The first… Read more »

  • Right to their vitality

    You have a right to their resources. Imagine a circle around himself. Inside this circle of your emotions, thoughts, needs, capabilities to satisfy them: your time, money, effort, ability, things, relationships. All that is generated by your activities and everything that represents and nourishes your vitality. Submitted? So here. You have the right to use… Read more »

  • Ideal for you. The story of one therapy

    Sometimes I want to shout: "be hell, either! If! Any anything! ". I do not need the reflection of me. I need you! We are very different, I want to get in touch with you, what you are. You're so long studied all please you now a thousand persons. One of them is mine. I… Read more »

  • "Lethal weapons". Shortcuts and ecology in psychotherapy

    Lethal weapons. lethal weapons that lethal weapons is. New pancake term poked in his popular articles by psychologists. With detached so descriptively separately: "lethal weapons borders do not feel" lethal weapons "normally.", "travmatikam" it is peculiar. I see no reason to use this word in the posts for clients. Well not write so indiscriminately about… Read more »

  • About the failure and rejection

    Failure-a great tool to get rid of constant in its toxicity people. When you ask not to do more as hurt you, and the person cannot or does not want to deal with your request. Another failure helps in a heap of different cases: when people are uninteresting, but admit it to yourself don't want… Read more »

  • Hidden abilities and trauma

    The injury you have developed amazing skills and characteristics. People unconsciously to that you use, and you don't see anything special myself. Because in a place you have injuries severe pain and you try to avoid it, but along the way, ignore their most valuable characteristics. These skills I met the ability to determine the… Read more »

  • Stage experience trauma "Why me?"

    In experiencing the effects of psychological trauma is such a moment, which I myself call "elucidation of the relationship with God".   This is when a person asks the question "why did this happen with me?". Replying to him, people choose most often one of the following options: 1) it's because I'm wrong (shame) and… Read more »